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Bengi – A bench
073.1 p
Addi – A chair
021.2 p
Platform Clocks – A clock
078.1 p
OuOu – A wall board
089.1 p
O.pen – A pen

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Moe – A lamp
042.1 p
Wire Lamp – A lamp
075.1 p

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002.1 p
Soxi – A sock dispenser
081.1 p
Ringbein – A pedestal
030.1 p
Like products from LEGO bricks
circular reuse, rebuild, hack & play

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091.1 p
Welt am Draht – A globe & toy
Dupi – A box
043.1 p

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088.1 p
Wire Lamp – A lamp

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Felix – A stool
021.3 p

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