Ecosystem Brief

Trikka Ecosystem Brief

Design is always collaboration. Sustainable design needs to bring all actors on board. Everyone can do their part. One step at the time. Here is how you can join us as

a designer
a manufacturer or design brand
a customer
a maker


Trikka Design Brief

Design Trikka solutions.

Trikka connects designers and designs on the basis of a shared catalog of open parts. Use these parts for your professional work. And contribute products and parts to the catalog and build a business around it.

1 How to add a product?


There are just 3 key things to know if you want to add a product to the product catalog. 

1.1 Build a functional prototype.

  • Trikka requires a functional prototype of your design. You don’t need to have an aesthetic or manufacturing prototype done. But make sure your design/concept works as intended. Make sure your product is a bit different from those already in the catalog. Very small iterations won’t do. You can make another chair and even use parts from chairs that are already in the catalog. Just make sure you made a substantial creative step. If in doubt reach out.

1.2 Use mostly existing parts.

  • Use parts from the Trikka parts catalog. They are all open and free to use. You can add also new parts. But this is limited to one new part per product. Fasteners like nuts and bolts are excluded from this count (because they are proven to be universal parts) you can add as many as you like. If you want to add more parts at once reach out. Especially in this early stage and with a still small parts catalog exceptions should be possible. We are inventing the catalog together. A simple trick to add more parts at once is to add several products at the same time that already share these parts. Felix the stool and the sock dispenser were added together – the parts they share were excluded from the count. Just make sure these products are all different from each other. 

Trikka searches for universal parts.

1.3 Make it public.

  • Publish your design on the web. Pick a place on the web you like for example your own page. Trikka is not a platform but a link collection. It is our goal to guide visitors and attention to your page. Include all required info into your publication. And then send us the link for review. The board will reach out to you (see below “what get’s in).  

That’s all.

2 How to add a part?


If you want to add a part to the parts catalog this is what Trikka asks you for. 

  • You add a part when you add a product. Parts are not included without use case.
  • Design your part. Try to consider the Trikka part design suggestions in the process. They are suggestions not rules. You can disregard them if you think that helps in your case the invention of a useful universal part. We invent this together. Your opinion counts.
  • Publish your part on the web on a website of your choice and send us the link. Make sure to include all required information. We will copy some of this information to the catalog and link for the rest to your publication. 

3 What about my Intellectual Property?


Does Trikka take any of your intellectual property rights for your product? No! None. You keep full control. You can do everything you would usually do for example register design rights and monopolise your design to build a business around it.

All parts in the catalog are open and free to use for you. You can use them to make closed and exclusive product designs. But if you add a new part to the catalog you’ll need to open it for others as well – as they did for you. But this does not necessarily effect your product. To get the full picture please read here: ▷ How intellectual property works in Trikka.

4 How to make money?


Why should you contribute to Trikka professionally? Here are three ways to earn an income from this.

4.1 Manufacturing deal

  • Trikkas goal is to make manufacturers and design brands interested in manufacturing and selling Trikka products. Your design will be on display here. If there is a demand these companies might reach out to you and you come to an individual deal. Trikka will advertise your design and the product based on it once it is on the shelve. 

4.2 “Donations” for local makes

  • Trikka enables distributed manufacturing. Unless you disable this customers can approach local craftsmen and ask them to make your design individually for them. If that business transaction happens the local craftsmen will transfer some of the money made to you as a “donation”. You as the designer can set up a channel for this e.g.

4.3 Commissioned work

  • Trikka is basically a marketing channel for you. The whole site is designed to draw attention to you as a designer. You’ll become visible as a contributor to innovative and fun sustainable design. This might lead to opportunities for you. For example if your local museum want’s to build their next exhibition using sustainable Trikka solutions. You are the local expert for that system and they hire you. This and much more is thinkable. Let’s build this brand together and benefit from it.

5 What gets in?


Who decides if a contribution to the catalog is accepted?

This decision is currently made by a “board of stewards”. The board consists of designers that have successfully contributed a design. They will peer review your addition with the goal to help you getting it into the catalog. 

Decisions and suggestions will be made based on this design brief and the Trikka design suggestions. Stewards might suggest or ask for tweaks. 

Why stewards? A system like Trikka can’t be designed as a fixed set of rules on paper. It will always need people who drive and design it while it goes. So let it be designed by people that have a stake in it – hopefully with the best intentions. Stewards are elected. Once you have contributed a design to the catalogue you can also elect stewards and be elected as a steward yourself.

Here is the current board.

This whole ecosystem brief is subject to change. Changes can be made by the board of stewards always in consultation with the stakeholders of the Trikka project.


Trikka Manufacturer Brief

Manufacture and sell Trikka designs.

Trikka is a website that displays product designs. We welcome and encourage manufacturers and sellers of all sizes to pick up these designs make and sell them. Depending who you are you can find more info below:

1 Larger scale manufacturer or design brand


Browse the catalog of products. If you have found something you interested in find on the products page the link to the original post of the designer and click on it. There you’ll find more information about the designer and an address to get in touch for individual negotiations.

Agreements are made between you and the designer as the designer owns the rights to the design. Trikka doesn’t play a role in that.

If you end up manufacturing and selling the product let us know. We’ll link to the selling shops and to you from this page – free advertisement and support. (Provided of course that the design of the finished product is still Trikka compatible.)

We will also allow you to use the Trikka branding for free to market this product.

Before you proceed you should make sure you understand how intellectual property works with Trikka. Especially that parts are open but the assembled product remains exclusive.

Feel free to reach out to discuss this in more detail.

2 “Local Makes” and small workshops or individual craftsmen


If you run a small business and want to make a Trikka design, e.g. because a customer has asked you for it or because you think one of your customers might be interested in it – you can do that. We call this a “local make”.

Study the design and all its parts. Check if the designer allows “local makes”. If so you can create a quote for your customer. If you end up making the product and getting paid for it please donate the requested amount to the designer. You can find the channel for the donation on the original post of the design you made.

When you have made something feel free to let us know. We might post about you and highlight you and your work.

The donation system of local makes is trust based. Let’s build a community of trust.

If you increase the number of makes (more than 10 in 3 months) you should reach out to the designer and see if a different deal can be arranged.

Do you have questions? Reach out to us.


Trikka Customer Brief

Hello customer. Want to buy a Trikka product? Great!  

Browse the catalog. The products will tell you if they are currently produced and for sale. Many are not. But this is not the end. Here are your options.

1 Local Make – have it made for you.


Trikka designs are intentionally designed to make it possible to make them quickly and cheaply in a local workshop. So open up your Yellow Pages. Find a local craftsmen (for example a carpenter) and ask them to make it for you. Show them the design you want and the instructions for local craftsmen. If the craftsmen agrees you’ll receive an offer. Go ahead. It is fun. You’ll learn something about your city. And you’ll help to spread Trikka solutions and grow the ecosystem of a sustainable design revolution.

2 Make yourself.


Some Trikka designs are even so simple that you can make them yourself without any skills. For some you just have to collect or shop for the parts and take up some scissors. Go ahead. Become a maker in the community.

3 Campaign with us to change the world.


If you are excited about Trikka and want to see more products in the world that follow our approach to sustainable design – campaign with us. Let’s push Trikka ideas closer to the mainstream.

  • Send a link to the product you like to a major brand or manufacturer you would like to buy it from. Tell them that you would like to have such a design with these possibilities. And that you would like to buy it from them. Get them on board for sustainable change.


Maker Brief

Make and improve Trikka designs.

You are welcome to make all Trikka designs for yourself or your friends and family. All parts are well documented. It should be easy to make them. Show us how these concepts look when they are beautifully executed. And let’s spread the word! Hashtag #Trikka

You can make as many of the products you like for you or as presents to friends and family. Show them on Youtube and so on. Just when you start to engage in commercial activities with it (other than YouTube) – for example you sell makes or make presents for your clients – please also read what is written above under “Local Make”.



Use Trikka.

The Trikka system is useful for many professions: exhibition designers, interior designers, educators, researchers, environmental activists and more. Feel free to use this system in your work. Plug into this experiment and make it a collective one. Trikka needs many ideas and visions and local experiments. Let’s invent change together.

A few more details for certain groups:

1 Teachers: use Trikka in your design class?


At the current stage Trikka is pretty experimental. And just perfect for a design class at a university. A semester project. We did this already (Lars) with great results. Feel free to reach out to us before you do this. We are happy to give an introduction and also feedback during the semester.

More soon°

Why should I trust you?

Just do. Trust is the only way in which something good can come into the world.

Besides that we can not really give guarantees. Just that we worked on this for a long time and won’t give up fast. And your engagement is pretty risk free. All your results stay yours and are valuable also outside of Trikka. It’s working products with useful parts.

Have feedback? Pls. send it to us. We need your thoughts.

Let’s build this together.

Image Credits 

The icons on this page were created by Eucalyp of the NOUN project and are licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Original Source: Designer, Manufacturer, Customer, Maker, Other, Free