OuOu Circle Boards

OuOu is a wall board solution. A simple and flexible design. It was designed by Lars Zimmermann of Mifactori and was added as part of Trikkas initial 44.

Currently available

Extended Info

  • The core solution is simple and highly transferable. You can do this with other (Trikka and non Trikka) parts as well. If your pipe pieces do not have a hole you can use string to hang it onto a hook on the wall (not shown in pictures).
  • If your hook does not fit the hole in the circle part you can put some string (051.1) around the circle part and hang it with the string from the hook. 
  • Visit the original post by the designer to find a lot more pictures, building instructions and  updates about the design.
  • Pictures by Mifactori, CC-BY 4.0
  • Disclaimer & Initial post backup