Manuela Sauer / Marigal / Products · March 10, 2023


An elegant solution for a wall board. Created by the designer Manuela Sauer

Currently available

Extended info

  • The parts list has the spacer 072.1 & 034.1. Both work. Just make sure, all spacer have the same height. The height will determine how far from the wall the board sticks out. So go for a thicker version of 072.1 to get a bigger standing surface for the objects on your wall board.  
  • The parts list has several bars. But this design will also work with other bars as well. 
  • Depending on the thickness of your chosen bars you’ll need spacers to make up for the distance to the wall. This is what the washers are for. 
  • The screws and dowels needed to fix the board to the wall are not included in the parts list.
  • Marigal was added as part of Trikkas initial 44
  • You can use this also as a base for a french cleat system. 
  • Visit the original post by the designers to learn more. 
  • Pictures by Mifactori, cc-by-4.0
  • Disclaimer, initial post backup.pdf