Backpack MF / Lift Lamp / PARTS · August 28, 2022

069.1 – M4 washer 15mm

Part info

  • What: M4 washer (off the shelve)
  • Material: stiff
  • Measures: outer diameter 15mm, inner diameter 4,3
  • Hole: 4,3mm


  • Size: stick to the measures described above, it is a standard part
  • Material: standard tolerance, but strong material might be recommendable. Think also about erosion.

Get the part

  • Buy: You can get this everywhere. Use the search term “M4 washer 15mm”
  • Make: No instructions needed, just buy it.

Introduced by

  • Lars Zimmermann; initial post, initial post backup.pdf
  • Open: This part was bought off the shelf. It is probably prior art. For high volume commercial use though check the legal status though (and let us know please)

Products using this part