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032.1 – Strap 300mm

Part info

  • What: strap.
  • Material: bendable.
  • Measures: 30 x 30 x 0,8mm.
  • Holes: 3grid, 10 holes – all possible 3grid holes , hole size is 6mm.


  • Size: standard tolerance.
  • Material: the part is used in applications that will put a lot of stress on it. So a strong material (for example PP) is recommended.

Get the part

  • Buy: the part is currently not available for purchase.
  • Make: it is pretty easy to make and source for. Find a bendable material (like PP sheets or leather), take some scissors to cut it and punch some holes with a hole puncher.
    • The part in the images above is laser cut from PP. You can download the file for it in the original post that introduced the part.

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