Bocoi / Lamp Moe / PARTS / Rollco · August 11, 2022

016.1 – Half pipe 90mm, inner ⌀ 152mm °

Part info

  • Half pipe
  • material: strong
  • measures: ⌀ 152mm, height ~ 90 mm
  • holes: 9 holes ⌀ 10mm in Trikka grid   


Get the part

  • Buy: Only as local make.
  • Make: This part is very easy to make! Our prototypes were made from standard off the shelf KG drain pipes (160mm) from PVC. You can cut these pipes with a metal saw and drill it like wood. But maybe you can think of another way? | How to get the holes?  Use a strap like 038.1 to figure out the distance from center to sides. The holes in the center are in the center of the part as well, facing 90° downwards when the part stays on “its feet”.

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