Trikkas Initial 44

Trikkas Initial 44 

Trikka makes products with multi-use parts. The key is: each product consists of parts that are used in at least one other different product.

the same part used in different products

The question is: How to start such a catalog? How to add product one, two, three and four? We developed 44 products. A big bulk at once to balance this and have re-used components! 

At the current state we have functional prototypes for all of these products. We will polish them and document them properly. One by one they will appear here on the page and replace their placeholder sketches. Once they are all up the system is ready to be built upon.

But feel free to start already! We tried to give some key info for the parts already in this phase. 

Ok Ok. Here are some (very ugly) shots of some prototypes.